Scripture:   2Corinthians 11:30  If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness. 

Observation:   To get his readers to believe him, Paul had just reluctantly given a list of his qualifications.  Then he follows with this statement.  Here he is saying that his greatest assets are his weaknesses for in them he must depend on Christ.  In areas where he is obviously weak, others will have to admit that it was Christ working through him.  And Paul wants all the glory from his life to go to his Lord Jesus Christ.  

Application:   When I do well in an area where I have a natural strength, there can be a tendency for me to take the credit—“look at what I have done!”   There can be a tendency for people to give me the credit.  But in the areas I am weak—in those areas I have to depend on the Lord.  Those who know me have to give the glory to Jesus too.   And those who see God working through my weaknesses will be encouraged to believe God to work through their weaknesses.    

Prayer:   Lord, shine through me.  I want others to see what you can do, not what I can do.  Amen 

Pastor Leon
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