The question

In the McPherson School Board election, Brian Kynaston was still on the ballot, despite claiming he had dropped out of the race. In the Inman City Council race, Jeff Ecker still appeared on the ballot despite having moved out of state. Why were they still on the ballot? What would have happened if they won the election?

The answer

Cathy Schmidt, McPherson County Clerk, said the deadline to withdraw from the ballots is the same deadline as to file for election. If candidates don’t file for withdrawal, they will still be on the ballot.

“It’s the same case if someone passes away,” Schmidt said.

Applications for election were accepted starting Jan. 1. The deadline to file and withdraw was Jan. 22.

Schmidt said if Kynaston had won the school board election, he would have needed to officially decline the position. If the position was declined, the school board would have needed to elect someone else to take the seat.

Schmidt said the case is similar if someone cannot accept the positions due to legal reasons. In Ecker’s case, because he moved out of state, he was no longer a registered voter in Canton. Therefore, he could not legally represent the city on a council board. Schmidt said the city council would have likewise needed to elect someone else to take the seat.