This Saturday, volunteers from around McPherson County will help clean up 16 homes in McPherson.

This Saturday, volunteers from around McPherson County will help clean up 16 homes in McPherson.

Brush-up Mac, an annual event sponsored by the McPherson Housing Coalition and the McPherson Chamber of Commerce, provides yard work and minor home repairs to homes of elderly, disabled or low-income families.

The event starts at 7 a.m. Saturday, with a breakfast sponsored by First United Methodist Church at 1200 E. Kansas Ave. The breakfast will be at the church.

Mary Driskill, co-chairwoman of the housing coalition, said most of the work involves picking up branches or raking the yards.

This year, Driskill said minor home repairs will be done, including painting, building two handicap ramps and installing a new garage door. Driskill said the garage door will be installed in the home of a low-income widow.

"She currently has a wooden door that she can barely lift," Driskill said. "She was almost in tears when we told her about this other garage door, asking 'How much will it cost me?' 'Nothing.'"

Driskill said the gratitude from those who are helped by the program is seen every year.

"One year, we had a lady who was so excited and grateful that she baked everyone homemade cinnamon rolls," Driskill said. "There's another lady who's written us thank-you notes for the past three to four years."

The owners of homes that are serviced by Brush-Up Mac file applications with the McPherson Chamber of Commerce. The applications are available each year at the McPherson Senior Center and the Chamber.

Last year, Driskill said there were more than 100 volunteers. This year, there are 160 registered volunteers.

"I think people are more aware this year than previous years," she said.

Most of those volunteers are comprised of large groups from around the county. Those groups include Hospira, the McPherson Swim Club, McPherson High School Football, Canton United Center Church and United Church of Christ in Canton.

The deadline to apply for Brush-up Mac was April 1, but Driskill said they'd still accept applications.

Forms can be picked up at the McPherson Senior Center, 112 E. Euclid, or at the Chamber, 306 N. Main St.

For more details, call 620-241-7828, ext. 11 or 12, or call 620-241-2451.

Driskill said the coalition also will accept donations of cash or yard work materials, such as rakes.

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