The east entrance into McPherson may get spruced up soon.

The east entrance into McPherson may get spruced up soon.

The Front Porch project, a project started almost two years ago, seeks to beautify the east entrance into the city in order to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

The project was agreed upon in the summer of 2010. Since then, planning on the project has been done, but no construction has begun.

Mayor Tom Brown said during a recent city commission meeting the project had been delayed due to the need to monitor available funds.

The project covers I-135 to the railroad overpass, along with Centennial Drive and shopping centers around Wal-Mart.

Some additions to the area will include two large stones engraved with a McPherson logo. They would be placed near both ramps leading into the city's east entrance.

Two other stones will be placed near McDonalds and the future Taco Johns. Those stones will be engraved with directions to points of interest within McPherson.

Also discussed is an arch across the highway and decorations around the area.

In a study session Monday, commissioners discussed reviving the project and the potential timeframe of when to start.

“I would really like to get it done before fall weather,” Brown said.

Paul Katzer, superintendent of the McPherson Parks Department, said he found someone to engrave the stones, but discussion remains on what else will be engraved.