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Earth Week Wrap-Up: Arbor Day & Shopping Local
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April 29, 2013 5:28 p.m.

The following article is by the Association for Sustainability's Development Director, Ama Hapke:
Friday, April 26 marked the 141st annual Arbor Day! To celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Week, Kansas State Extension Agent Barrett Smith collected cedar trees from CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) fields around Kiowa County and donated them to Greensburg GreenTown to distribute to community members. We still have a few trees left! Trees are first come-first serve, and all you have to do get get one of your own is sign up at the Silo Eco-Home: either stop by (402 S. Sycamore Street) or call us (723-2790). Greensburg is experiencing some beautiful spring weather (finally!), so celebrate a late Arbor Day by enjoying a walk, reading a book under a tree, taking class on tree or plant care, or taking a look at the trees currently on your property and plan for the future.
Cedar seedlings available for planting.
Another way GreenTown celebrated Earth Week was by promoting local businesses. There are many reasons to shop locally. Shopping locally helps to ensure more money will stay in the community and be reinvested there. For every dollar spent locally, 45 cents is reinvested in the community - compared to only fifteen cents when spent at a corporate chain. Purchasing locally increases the tax base (which contributes to city improvements and community development), creates jobs, and increases overall community well-being.
Shopping locally can also significantly reduce your environmental impact. Products bought locally often require less packaging and do not have to travel as far. Local business are also more likely to provide products produced locally; these products have a significantly smaller footprint than products that travel farther distances. Businesses set up in a centralized downtown or town center help to reduce community sprawl, habitat loss, and pollution. Local businesses also contribute 250% more, on average, to local organizations and community projects than do larger corporate businesses. We would like to thank the local artists and businesses who invested in our community through supporting our events during Earth Week.
Dillons (Greensburg, KS)
Greensburg State Bank (Greensburg, KS)
Duck Salt (Greensburg, KS)
These donations were prizes for the entrants into the Nuisance Weed Roundup. We will be determining the winners within the week! Here's a picture from the weigh-in on Saturday. That's right, there are 19 pounds of dandelions on that scale. Way to go Kiowa County Residents! We enjoyed your participation this Earth Week.

19 lbs of dandelions collected during the Nuisance Weed Roundup

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