A new competition in the Madathon games this year was simple enough.

A new competition in the Madathon games this year was simple enough.

It just wasn't particularly pleasant.

Competitors had to throw a Kool-Aid filled balloon, then bite a hole in it and funnel it's bursting mess into a bowl. The liquid was then transferred by straw from the bowl to teammates hands, who carried it across the lawn.

The Madathon is an annual event for elementary students in McPherson County during All Schools Day.

The event is known for its sticky, messy competitions.

"It was disgusting," J'Cee Metcalf, 11, said. "My hands are going to be red forever. It feels weird that people are spitting in your hands."

Metcalf was on team Sugar Bombs of Washington Elementary School with Mason Anguiano, 10.

"I was thinking, 'I really need to wash my hands when I get back,'" he said.

Team captain Jim Bontrager said he enjoyed being a part of putting the events together, as do all team captains.

"It's fun to see the kids having fun with them. They're breaking the balloons faster than we could make them," he said. "I love the total chaos. Everything's just nuts out here and everyone is having fun, but I made sure I wasn't around when they were dumping out the Kool-Aid."

They were one of 18 fifth-grade teams and 10 eighth-grade teams that participated in the Madathon this year. Games included water balloon volleyball, May Day two-step and an obstacle course.

One member from the Psychic Pineapples, named after the popular TV show "Psych," said he enjoyed the water balloon toss.

"I love it because no one could catch them, and it was funny," David Rettig, 11, said.

"It was fun working together, and when things seemed impossible, making it possible," Lauren Epp, 10, said.

Wayne McBride was captain of the Marquette Duck Commanders, named after the TV show "Duck Dynasty." The team of eight was the entire fifth-grade class at the school.

"They did well with working together and having fun," McBride said. "It's not a competition for winning or losing. It's just good to see them interact and have fun."

After the completion of the games, several teams were recognized. This included Sonic Boom, who was awarded for their team spirit because they dyed their hair blue to match their blue T-shirts.

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