It was an extensive chase, but ended without incident.

It was an extensive chase, but ended without incident.

Nathan Beagle, 21, of Canton was one of the individuals caught by Duane "Dog" Chapman, better known as TV's Dog the Bounty Hunter, during his stay last week.

Dog made an appearance at Barb's Bail Bonds in Hutchinson on Tuesday, and stayed with the company, helping them to catch three different fugitives.

Barb Carithers, owner of Barb's Bail Bonds, described the chase with Beagle.

"We got a tip that he was in Hutchinson, and that he was heading out of the city in a car," she said. "We followed along in four of our cars, and people began to follow us thinking they were going to see some kind of action."

Carithers said someone collided into one of the team's own vehicles on the way out of Hutchinson. She said the individual was cited by Hutchinson police for inattentive driving.

Carithers said she and Dog's team followed Beagle into McPherson, where Beagle ran into a home.

Carithers said Dog and his team later got a hold of Nathan Beagle and turned him over to McPherson police. Beagle was arrested on a McPherson warrant for failure to appear. The Sentinel was in contact with members of Dog's team last week, but they asked to keep certain details of their search confidential until the fugitives were apprehended.

Dog and his team also helped to arrest a Tina Brown on a Hutchinson and McPherson County warrant, and a Bryan Buckwalter on a Reno County warrant. Both individuals were arrested in Hutchinson without incident.

Carithers said she came into contact with Dog after meeting with them during a Professional Bondsman of U.S. conference in Las Vegas during February.

"(Rena Smith, officer manager) and I were asked by some girls about our business, and I've been doing bond work for over 30 years," Carithers said. "They filmed and interviewed, and so we did. And the day after, we got an e-mail wanting to know if we'd be interested in them coming out."

Carithers said both she and Smith had their pictures taken with Dog during the conference, and had the chance to meet him personally.

Dog and his team stayed with Barb's Bail Bonds from Tuesday through Saturday. Carithers described the time as hectic.

"They go 90 miles per hour all the time," she said. "And with them being here, there are all sorts of tips. The phone was off the hook."

Carithers said Dog and his crew were very nice to her and her employees, but said she was glad to be back to normal.

"I'm ready for a rest," she said with a laugh. "I think I was totally exhausted by the end of the week."

Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman are the stars in a new show on Country Music Television; “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. The show can be seen every Sunday at 7 p.m.

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