A nationally recognized fitness program is now being offered by the McPherson YMCA.

A nationally recognized fitness program is now being offered by the McPherson YMCA.

Les Mills, a national program based out of Auckland, New Zealand, has classes in more than 14,000 clubs in 80 countries. Two of those classes are now being offered at the McPherson YMCA.

The McPherson YMCA started offering BodyPump in July 2012. The BodyPump program is an hour long and is designed to work on every major muscle group. The class completes about 800 repetitions in an hour.

The other offered program is CXWorx; a 30-minute program that’s designed to affect core muscles.

These include abs, back, arms, glutes and legs. The McPherson YMCA began offering CXWorx in September 2012.

Both classes are taught by certified Les Mills trainers. The McPherson YMCA has six certified for their BodyPump program and two for its CXWorx program.

Instructors must go through two days of training for each program. If they pass, they can teach a class, and have 60 days to turn in a video of themselves teaching a class. The video is reviewed by an assessor and, if passed, the instructor is then certified.

Heather Koehn, fitness instructor, said the McPherson YMCA was proud to offer a fitness program that other local, larger YMCA facilities don’t offer.

“Not even the Wichita Ys have this,” she said. “So, for us to have this is a really great thing.”

Koehn said beginners are welcome to join the class at any time and will be guided through the program every step of the way.

“We tell them everything,” she said. “The instructor will say where to grip, how much weight to put on ... the entire process is laid out each class.”

Both courses are free with a YMCA membership.

For more information on the courses, contact Heather Koehn at 620-755-0175. For information on how to join the YMCA, call 620-241-0363.