Disability Supports of the Great Plains is partnering with iCan Bike in hopes of sending more McPherson and Hutchinson individuals with special needs to a bicycle riding camp.

Disability Supports of the Great Plains is partnering with iCan Bike in hopes of sending more McPherson and Hutchinson individuals with special needs to a bicycle riding camp.

iCan Bike, formerly called Lose the Training Wheels, which is a national organization working with local social service agencies and special needs communities will conducting the camp in Wichita this summer.
This is the fourth year in a row Disability Supports has partnered with group.

iCan Bike is a program that teaches children, youth and adults with disabilities to ride a conventional bicycle without assistance. A five-day camp will take place July 15 to 19 at the Wichita Ice Center, 505 W. Maple St. The camp is sponsored by the Independent Living Resource Center in Wichita Kansas.

iCan Bike uses specially-adapted bicycles, trained professionals, and volunteers. With 75 minutes of hands-on instruction for five days, about 85 percent of campers learn to ride a conventional bike independently.

To be eligible to enroll, participants must be at least 8 years old. They must have a disability but be able to walk without assistive devices such as a walker or cane. They must be able to side-step to both sides. Participants must also have a minimum inseam measurement of 20 inches and weigh no more than 220 pounds. The cost of the camp is $125, with potential scholarships available. The cost includes a fitted bike helmet and a T-shirt. McPherson participants are requested to bring completed applications to the McPherson Disability Supports office and Hutchinson participants drop off completed applications to the Hutchinson office for processing.

Janelle Burgeson, special projects coordinator for Disability Supports and Jodi Harold, quality assurance administrator, are sharing the responsibilities of ensuring the program is another success for all participants. There are currently eight slots available in Disability Supports reserved session; however, additional accommodations will be sought if demand to attend the program warrants.

Kristin Morris of Hutchinson shared her experience with iCan Bike.

“Even at age 15, Michael had never been able to ride a bike. When he attended a Lose the Training Wheels bike camp in Wichita, they claimed he would learn to ride a bike in one week. I had my doubts.

It was a very emotional moment for mom to see him riding a bike for the first time, and Michael was so proud of himself and full of confidence. Michael has continued to ride his ‘pink’ bike and he loves to ride when his family is watching him.”

Disability Supports of the Great Plains has two area locations. The main administrative office in McPherson is at 501 E. Northview, while the Hutchinson office is at 2520 N. Waldron. Disability Supports provides residential services, day services, case management and supportive home care to almost 220 individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in McPherson and Reno counties.

Disability Supports will provide transportation, staffing and the necessary supports needed during camp week. Parents are strongly encouraged to come and be involved in the week long session because their ongoing support is very important for the continued success of the child once they complete the camp.

If you are interested in sending your child to iCan Bike camp, contact Janelle Burgeson or Jodi Harold at 241-8411 ext. 226.

For additional information about iCan Bike camp, go to www.iCanshine.org  or http://www.ilrcks.org.