Teamwork was the theme for activities during field days at McPherson elementary schools this month.

Teamwork was the theme for activities during field days at McPherson elementary schools this month.

Each year, Eisenhower, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Washington Elementary schools host field days for their students near the conclusion of the school year. This year, the theme was “Building character through cooperation.”

Each grade rotated through about a dozen games that tied to the district’s Eight Keys of Excellence  — a curriculum that teaches students overarching life lessons. Keys include: integrity, failure leads to success, speak with good purpose and flexibility.

McPherson USD 418 physical education teachers organized the event, and parents, aids and paraeducators helped run the stations.

Mija Stockman, physical education teacher, said the event allows students to participate in activities not normally offered during school hours. By this time of year, Stockman said she can tell the progress the students have made regarding safe playing practices.

“I love seeing the kids laugh and have fun,” she said.

Roosevelt Elementary hosted its field day on Thursday, the district’s last day of school. Stations included Integrity Tower (building the strongest/tallest tower as a team), Plug the Pipe (filling up a pipe with water and transferring it to a bucket while blocking many pipe holes with fingers), and Midnight Crossing (guiding a blindfolded partner through a maize).

Roosevelt fifth-grader Devin Robertson said his favorite game was tug of war. He said his team worked together by saying “One, two, three, pull.”

Roosevelt fifth-grader Tabitha Slechta said the most challenging station was Cageball Challenge, where a big ball was navigated along a stretchy mat by pulling and tugging on the mat’s edges.

Roosevelt fourth-grader Cheyenne Grant said working together was key for the day’s activities.

“It really counts,” she said. “If you don’t have teamwork, you don’t get anywhere.”

Roosevelt fourth-grader Melissa Mintzer said it was a good way to end the year.

“It’s really good to know summer is coming, but the year went by fast,” she said.

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