Tacos provide quick dinner option.

It was one of those days! My husband and I worked until 5:00 p.m. and arrived home in time to learn that one of the kids had an engagement within the hour. The other child's plans were more flexible, but it was clear we needed to cook fast. Fortunately it was a Tuesday evening and we pulled out the old faithful "Taco Tuesday" theme.

There's nothing easier than fixing tacos for our family. It becomes a group effort as one browns the meat (we use ground turkey for a healthy twist), one shreds the cheese and one chops the lettuce, green onions and tomatoes. Tonight I was elected to make the guacamole as it turns out mine is the "best" according to my family members. I love making guacamole as it's a great stress reliever using a potato masher to smash the light green avocado flesh. Then simply add salsa, garlic salt and lime juice.

Our pantry typically has hard and soft taco shells as you never know what culinary mood the family members will be in from one taco night to another. Combined with the other ingredients, dinner is ready in less than 20 minutes!