An engraved stone as you enter Crestwood Cemetery promises perpetual care.

An engraved stone as you enter Crestwood Cemetery promises perpetual care.

However, two Kansans with loved ones buried there have issue with the maintenance of the McPherson County cemetery.

Gretchen and Leon Brewer were disappointed when they came to decorate Leon’s parents’ graves in McPherson’s Crestwood Cemetery during Memorial Day weekend.

“It is so bad out there,” she said. “It seems to be forgotten.”

A wall featuring a mural with a passage from the 23rd Psalm had tumbled to the ground and the large center stone shattered into multiple pieces.

Trees had overgrown sidewalks, and Gretchen Brewer said the cemetery appeared to be in general disrepair.

Brewer said her sister-in-law’s husband also is buried at the cemetery. The blocked sidewalks made it impossible for her to get near the graves with her walker, Gretchen said.

“It is not well taken care of,” she said. “It is a real shame for the people who are there that the area is not taken care of. It is our concern.”

Gretchen’s parents are buried at McPherson Cemetery, and she said the grounds there are in much better shape.

McPherson Cemetery is maintained by the city of McPherson.

Crestwood Cemetery, which is near Pawnee Road and 14th Street, was once owned by a private company, but that company went bankrupt. The cemetery was taken over by McPherson County.

McPherson County Administrator Rick Witte said he was uncertain when the ownership of the cemetery changed hands.

Witte said the wall that featured the mural had been blown down recently during a wind storm, and the county had not had time to fix the problem before Memorial Day.

He said the trees and problems with a crumbling base of a flag pole at the center of the cemetery will be addressed during the fall when county public works crews have more time to deal with maintenance at the cemetery.

The county contracts for mowing at the cemetery.

The east side of cemetery has a number of graves, but the west side is almost vacant. Witte said plots are still being sold at the cemetery.