The Crestwood Cemetery has fallen into a state of disrepair.

The Crestwood Cemetery has fallen into a state of disrepair.

The cemetery, located near Pawnee Road and 14th, was once owned by a private company, but that company went bankrupt. Currently, the cemetery is in the hands of McPherson County.

During a public works session on Tuesday, county commissioners discussed cleanup and changes necessary to the cemetery.

Rick Witte, county administrator, said the state of the cemetery was beyond repair, and that cleanup and replacement would take place as time allowed.

Commissioner Duane Patrick discussed the state of the flagpole in the cemetery, saying that the entire area was cracked. Commissioner Ron Loomis discussed the possibility of removing the cracked concrete from the area and pouring a flat pad down.

Tom Kramer, public works director, said more rock could be placed along the road as need be.

Commissioners said they’re working on a list of repairs needed for the cemetery, but no decision or timetable has yet been made.

County to purchase right-of-way for new bypass

The county is working on purchasing right-of-way for a new Kansas of Department Transportation interstate exchange on 16th Avenue.

The bypass will provide another exit onto I-135.

County commissioners plan to replace a gravel road on 16th Avenue, from Moccasin to Mohawk, with hard surface asphalt.

Commissioners discussed changes and costs for individual landowners along the road. The county is in the process of contacting remaining landowners and establishing right-of-way agreements.