The pairings for Saturday’s round of the 30th McPherson City Golf Tournament have been announced.

The pairings for Saturday’s round of the 30th McPherson City Golf Tournament have been announced.

Saturday’s round will be a shotgun start at either 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. at Rolling Acres Golf Course.

A total of 28 teams are participating in this year’s iteration of the tournament, down one team from the 2012 edition. Last year’s individual champion Treg Fawl is among the field, looking for his third straight championship, but could face strong competition from Nick Ikenberry, who won the tournament in 2008 and 2010.

Last year’s runner-up, Ryan Schmid, is not competing this year, nor is Chad Alexander, with whom Schmid won the team competition. However, the team runners-up, Mark and Doug Gayer, are both in the competition once more this year.

The tournament began this morning at 9 a.m. at Turkey Creek Golf Course, with the Sunday session to be held at the McPherson Country Club.

Questions may be directed to Turkey Creek, where golfers may also see a copy of the Saturday pairings.

Parings are as follows:

At Rolling Acres Golf Course

9 a.m. Session

No. 1 — Audrey Yowell, Shawn Buckbee, Cliff Hawkes and Nick Ikenberry.

No. 1B — Kelly Blomberg, Brad Klatt, Dave Lackey and Jay Ressig.

No. 2 — Dustin Smith, Joe Demaio, Brian Miller and Nate Carlson.

No. 4 — Jerry Grant, Travis Doile, Jimmy Stout and Todd Wann.

No. 5 — Tony Fawl, Treg Fawl, Doug Gayer and Mark Gayer.

No. 6A — Dennis Shaw, Bob Balding, Alan Porter and Kelly Sorenson.

No. 6B — Chad Young, Daniel Mitchel, Ken Blankenship and Kevin Wolf.

No. 7 — Ed Bate, Brett Bate, Tim Schmidt and Kent Schmidt.

No. 8 — Jamie Piper, Scott Davis, Ben Cheek and Lenny Swain.

1 p.m. Session

No. 1 — Kenan Warren, Luke Aichele, Steve Sell and Mark Wash.

No. 3 — Larry Bruce, Terry Malm, Jeff Warren and Rick Davison.

No. 5 — Alvin Geren, Brad Geren, Doug Cutting and Colby Geren.

No. 7 — Jonnie Barnes, Johnathan Barnes, Dave Blosser and Dylan Blosser.

No. 9 — Jim Adams, Greg Jermark, Jason Mead and Tim Gudenhauf.