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By Audrey Rupp
Hello everyone! My name is Audrey, I'm coming to you from good ol' Dodge City, Kansas. As a summer intern at the Convention and Visitors Bureau, I'll be keeping you updated and entertained on all that's happenin in the Cowboy Capital! A ...
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Hello everyone! My name is Audrey, I'm coming to you from good ol' Dodge City, Kansas. As a summer intern at the Convention and Visitors Bureau, I'll be keeping you updated and entertained on all that's happenin in the Cowboy Capital!

A little about me: I was born and raised in Western, Kansas. I'm currently a student at Fort Hays State University but have packed up for the summer and got the HECK into Dodge. I will spend the next few months reliving the legends of the old West!

I'ts been a great experience so far, as I am spending my first week playing tourist!

And remember folks...keep calm and cowboy on!!!
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June 28, 2013 5:20 p.m.

As ashamed as I am that this is my first post of the week, it feels pretty good to have people asking me when my next post will be up :) HOORAY...that means people are actually reading this! I just learned how to check the stats of my blog visitors. Very pleased to say that I had 828 views for the month of June! This is my excited face-->
First off, I've got to announce that I have officially made it through my first month in Dodge City! This internship has been such an amazing experience so far. I may have been baptized in fire, but I've have gotten the swing of things now and can say I truly enjoy every aspect of this job! Tourism and Hospitality is such a great field to be in, FHSU does a great job with the degree program. (Shout out to Dr. Smith who started it all!) I work some great people, have gotten to know some outstanding members of this community, and could even see myself starting my career here!
Now for a recap of the week...
Tuesday I attended the Cowboy Band at the Wright Park Bandshell. What a talented group of individuals! Did you know the band formed in 1879? That makes them the longest running municipal band west of the Mississippi! Regardless of the heat, at 7:30 the park was full of fans, some from as far as Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Florida! How great that we can get our tourists to stay in town to enjoy local entertainment like this. Refreshing ice cream was served by these two lovely ladies. Norma Henton and Olive Morgison work actively to save the starving with the organization Share the Bounty. They raise funds and host meal packaging events for Numana, Inc. November 9th at the Civic Center will be an event to send food to Haiti. Norma said they typically get 1000 to 2000 volunteers and can prepare about 200,000 meals! These ladies were so passionate about the cause, really inspired me to do more. So then...I'll be seeing you November 9th...right?
The chamber hosted a Business Appreciation luncheon and resource fair at the Hoover Pavilion on Wednesday. It was a great opportunity to talk to other local businesses and explain what the CVB can do for them! As you can see...our booth looked exceptional! The backdrop is this cool pop up, tent, thingamajig; very light weight and eye catching! It was just enough to make them stop and want to know more!
Speaking of upcoming events, the 3i show will be here July 11-13th! It is a salute to Industry, Implements, and Irrigation. (That's three i's...get it?) It started as a traveling exhibit in 1950 and has grown into the largest free exposition in the state of Kansas. What better place to see the over 500 exhibitors than the heart of the agricultural region?! United Wireless Arena is coordination with the show and having a Rock'n Red Dirt concert!
I got my pickup just about 5 years ago! I was so happy and proud of it. (Stop laughing all you Ford haters!) Once I paid it off, it seems like one thing after another goes wrong with it. Thursday was down right hot in Dodge City, 108.7 degrees justifies leaving your vehicle running when you run an errand. I locked the doors because I have this fabulous keypad that will let me in without a key. Apparently when its 108.7 they keypad does NOT function properly. After about 30 minutes, a phone call to the dealership and police station, I muttered a few choice words and tried one more time. AT LAST, it worked and was a nice and cool 68 degrees in the cab of my pickup! I always say that you live and learn from life's experiences. On Thursday I learned that the police station won't unlock the door unless there is a child trapped inside of the vehicle. (I only wish they were as concerned about me being trapped outside...in the heat...sweating...profusely) Unlike the beginning of this blog..I will NOT show you my angry face!
Today is finally Friday, it has flown right by with the rest of the week. There's lots to do and see in Dodge this weekend: Prairie Fire Wings and Beer, Tie-Dye Volleyball, KWCH Family Fun Night, and much more! Check out of website and mark yer calendar for upcoming events! As for my weekend, I'm going to do a little fishing at Lake Charles, located behind Dodge City Community College. Then go to my first ever drive in movie! The South Drive In Theatre in Dodge is one of the very few left in the state. Immediately the movie Grease comes to mind when I think of a Drive In movie...remember this scene?
And remember folks...if you're wantin' to find yourself a good stallion, don't go lookin' in the donkey corral!

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