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My Two Cents Worth - I'm on vacation
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By Terry Spradley
St. John News editor
July 1, 2013 5:27 p.m.

With news as it is, I keep some pretty strange hours and catching me at the office is sometimes hit and miss. This week it will be all miss because I am on vacation.
Yes, that's right for one of the first times in several years I will not have to worry about what's going in next week's paper.
The phone won't call forward to my cell phone if you call the office at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon. (I always wonder when that happens exactly why anybody thinks I would be working at 2 p.m. on a Sunday, but it happens more than you'd think.)
And the unless something really big explodes or catches on fire I don't plan on doing much updating to the online site or our facebook page.
However, the paper will come out on the tenth, there will probably be some updates to our website, and if you really get to missing me, check out my personal facebook page. I'll probably be posting photos and whining about my garden.
In my absence, Conrad Easterday, Editor/publisher at Dodge City Globe will keep things in line. You can contact him through my email. I'd call forward to his cell but with four papers under his belt he'd probably prefer I send you all to the Pratt office.
My plans for vacation are pretty simple, do not come to work.
I don't plan on going to any exotic locations unless QNWR floods and the farm suddenly becomes beach front property, or one of the dogs puts on a grass skirt and learns to hula.
Once I get caught up with mowing, the tree that fell down a couple weeks ago, and the barn I've been tearing down from last spring, the big white dogs and I might take a trip back home, but when it comes to the paper, unless the building burns down leave a number and maybe I'll call.
Terry Spradley is the editor of the St. John News, His email is tspradley@sjnewsonline.com

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