In collaboration with McPherson High School, the athletic facilities of McPherson College continue to improve.

McPherson Stadium has had all new track runways installed and will have its track resurfaced and gain a perimeter security fence along with having some curb work completed. All projects are to be completed by mid-July.

“Ten years ago our facility was state of the art,” said Doug Quint, McPherson College athletic director. “Media and school officials were coming to our campus to learn about the renovations. It spawned an arms race so to speak with athletic facilities throughout the state. Every year more and more school districts and colleges were renovating their facilities to stay up with the game.”

Quint said providing student athletes with the finest facilities they could was the goal behind the new agreement between McPherson College and USD 418.

“Our facilities were outdated, needed repair and the focus over the next couple of years is to see that these improvements take place,” Quint said. “Working in partnership with USD 418 enables each of us to do more for our students.”

The lease agreement is for 10 years.