Thumbs up

Klenda takes   the bench
Congratulations to John Klenda for being sworn in as the Ninth Judicial District. Klenda took his oath of office on Monday at the Harvey County Courthouse.
Klenda has been an attorney and city prosecutor in McPherson for almost 30 year.

Traffic signals set to flash
The McPherson City Commission decided Monday to set a number of signals in the city to flash between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Effected signals on Main Street include Hulse, Euclid, Marlin, Elizabeth and Sutherland.
Effected signals on Kansas include Lakeside, Hartup, Ash and Maple,
On First, Hartup/Myers is now flashing.
We support this move, as it will allow traffic to flow more freely in the city during nonpeak hours.

County fiscal   report positive
We give a thumbs up to the county this week for maintaining a positive fiscal profile during the last nine years.
A report given to the McPherson County Commission Monday indicated the county has only increased expenditures by 1 percent between 2003 and 2011.
During that same time period, the county also kept a lid on taxes.
We thank the county and its officials for being good stewards or our tax dollars.

Wildlife and Parks keeps McPherson    Lake healthy
Thank you to Cliff Peterson, public lands manager at McPherson State Fishing Lake and Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, and others who have helped to manage our local lake during the drought.
Keeping a positive balance of game fish in the lake and preventing blue-green algae blooms have been daunting tasks during the extreme weather conditions the state has experienced in recent years.
Please protect what Peterson and others have worked for and do not stock the lake with invasive species.

Bullpups come out on top          in summer league           basketball
Congratulations to McPherson Bullpups for their win over Hesston in the McPherson College Summer Basketball League finale. McPherson won 42-31.
The second-annual All-Star Game was played following the championship game with McPherson and Hesston. The White Squad, which featured Kyler Kinnamon and Ryan Horton from McPherson, as well as Justin Friesen and Tyler Cottam from Inman, defeated the Red Squad 81-78.

Mac College, MHS collaborate        to improve sports facilities
McPherson College is collaborating with McPherson High School to improve its athletic facilities.
McPherson Stadium has had all new track runways installed, will have its track resurfaced, will gain a perimeter security fence and will have some curb work completed. All projects are to be completed by mid-July.
McPherson High School recently signed a new 10-year lease agreement with the college for the use of its athletic facilities.

— Cristina Janney on behalf of The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board