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  • Dean of 25 years says 'Goodbye Kansas'

  • For the past 25 years, Beverly Temaat went to work everyday to her office located inside the Dodge City Community College where she has served in various roles including her current position as Dean of Student services which she has served in for the past 13 years. A job she says is hardly a "job" when it's something that, to...
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  • For the past 25 years, Beverly Temaat went to work everyday to her office located inside the Dodge City Community College where she has served in various roles including her current position as Dean of Student services which she has served in for the past 13 years. A job she says is hardly a "job" when it's something that, to this day, excites her.
    A career Beverly later explains, 'she accidentally fell into', has become the seed of where many of her fondest memories have flourished but for Beverly, nothing is fonder than the bond of a family which has led her in her decision to resign from her current position and move to Texas.
    "Back In January my father became seriously ill, he has been in the hospital since January," She said. "About a month ago, my mother also became ill, since that time, I've made countless trips and put I don't know how many miles on my vehicle traveling to see them."
    "It's the right time in my life where I know the right thing to do is to make my family my priority, my parents in particular," Beverly added. "I think life is all about constant change and when your priority is your family, sometimes you have to change and shift your focus and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing."
    However, Beverly doesn't plan to remain a Texas resident permanently, she points out that as soon as she gets her parents to better health and once they are well enough to move,they will all be returning to Kansas together.
    And although Beverly has officially turned in her resignation letter, surrendering her full time position as Dean of Student Services, Dodge City Community College (DC3) President, Don Woodburn, wasn't ready to let her go quite yet so he offered Beverly a part-time position she couldn't refuse.
    Beverly has agreed to remain on DC3 staff with a part-time position as Dodge City Community College Federal Compliance Administrator/ Special Project Director for the New Residence Hall.
    "From the time that I started, there are so many more federal regulations and procedures that you have to follow to be in compliance and they're usually tied to federal funding for students,"Beverly explained what her new position as Federal Compliance Administrator would entail. "It's very important that college's and universities' stay up to date on those and we want to make sure Dodge City Community College is up to date."
    As Special Project Director, Beverly says she will be overseeing the construction of a New Residence Hall scheduled for it's groundbreaking ceremony, September 5, with construction following immediately after.
    Beverly's last day as the Dean of Student Services will be July 31st and is set to begin her new part-time position the next day, August 1st.
    Page 2 of 3 - Looking forward to the future, saying Thank You for the past
    At a young age Beverly decided, while in college, she would like to earn a degree in Business Marketing. It wasn't until later in her college career when she was fronted with the opportunity to work in the admissions office did she realize that's what she loved to do. So upon graduating, Beverly pursued a Master's degree in Student Personnel.
    Since then, she has worked among staff in large universities, mid-sized universities and private college and says she's "loved all of them" but her preference has been working in community colleges because it's where she's given the opportunity to work with first generation students.
    "Working with first generations students has been the most gratifying to me," she said. "I enjoy working with those students because they appreciate like no one else, they are truly grateful , to see someone whom is the first in their family to attend college ...It's life changing and that's fun to see."
    The Dean looks back at her career in higher education, the success she's had and all of the things she's had the opportunity to learn and realizes it all would not of been possible if it weren't for some 'tremendous' people who mentored her throughout the years.
    An emotional Beverly tells the Globe on her interview Thursday afternoon, that she is truly thankful to one person in particular.
    "On the academic side, I learned so much from Betty Jackson," She said, teary eyed. "She taught me so much that I still use every single day. I was very young when I started to work here and she was nearing the end of her career but she still took time out of every single day to teach me new things...I'm forever in debt to her."
    According to Beverly, Mrs. Jackson resigned from DC3 as a Professor of Education and later the all-woman residence hall was name Jackson Hall in honor of her.
    Two other people that Beverly extends deep gratitude to are Eldon Becker, Former Athletic Coach at DC3, whom she says taught her 'so much about supervising people' and Dr. Jim Utterback, Former Dean of Student Services,
    "I worked closely with him and learned a lot about student service functions including legal affairs, compliance and policy procedures, policy and grant writing...He was very inspiring. How can one person be so lucky?...to have that many great people to work with."
    "I am also deeply thankful to the community, there have been so many people that have helped me along the way whenever I'm working on a project or whatever it may be," Beverly said. "There are people of all ages that assist me everyday and I think it's rare to find that kind of help in a community."
    Page 3 of 3 - As for future professional endeavors, Beverly plans to remain active in higher education, perhaps on a consultant basis with colleges and universities but looks forward to still staying connected to the DC3.
    "I'm not severing all ties and that is important to me because I absolutely love this place," she said. "I will truly miss the people and the students I work with everyday."
    She added that if later her life circumstances change and she is ready to return to work full time, DC3 will always be her first choice.
    As for now, she is working on the planning stages of moving and is looking forward to transitioning caring for College students full-time to caring for her parents full-time.
    "I was priviliged and lucky to have two great parents, that's why it's my turn to take care of them."
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