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By Steve Moody
July 25, 2013 5:16 p.m.

photo (15)We think medics will perform under pressure or we wouldn’t put them on the ambulance – right? But what it they don’t?
What if they pee down their leg, run into the corner, and start blubbering like a boy on his first date?
That’s where training is critical. We try to assimilate patient conditions during our training so we can see how medics will react. And we often use manikins as our patients.
These manikins are great for teaching, but they lack in one BIG way – authenticity. Unfortunately, no matter how realistic you make a manikin look – the student still knows “THEY ARE NOT REAL!”
The real thing – humans – are much better if you can get them. And we did just that last week.
At our monthly crew meeting we invited some special guests who helped us practice patient assessment. It was a special kind of assessment – little people assessment – also knows as “pediatrics.”
The guest names were – Brogan, Conner, Tucker, Canon, Jorja, Mason, and Morgan. And they were much better than manikins – because “THEY WERE REAL!”
Thanks “Little People”!

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