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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013) DVD Review
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July 25, 2013 5:10 p.m.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is a full-length animated feature

film, in which Twilight Sparkle has to pass through a magic mirror into an

alternate world in order to retrieve her magic crown and protect Equestria.

The film opens with the

ponies going to the Princess Summit. Twilight is nervous, having not yet grown

accustomed to wearing a crown, or to her new wings. As always, Pinkie Pie and

Fluttershy provide great comedic moments. And of course there is a message, as

Twilight says, “Just because I have a

crown and these wings doesn’t mean I’ll be a good leader

Sunset Shimmer sneaks

into Twilight’s room at night and steals her crown and element of harmony, and

then disappears with them through the mirror. Sunset Shimmer was a former pupil

of Princess Celestia before turning cruel and going on her own path (yes, there

are hints of Star Wars here).

Twilight Sparkle must perform the task of regaining the crown alone, and has

limited time. Of course, Spike rushes in after her.

In the alternate world,

Spike is a dog, and Twilight Sparkle is a teenage girl, through still of a

purplish hue. She was having trouble getting used to her wings; now she has to

get used to walking on two legs. But perhaps an even bigger challenge is

getting along without magic, as she has no horn.

She starts her search

with what she assumes to be a castle, but which is in fact Canterlot High

School. Soon she meets the alternate versions of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Apple

Jack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.  Of course,

that got me wondering why there isn’t already an alternate version of Twilight

at this school. That question is addressed later when Pinkie Pie asks Twilight

if she has a twin sister in the city. (Though it is odd, and rather convenient,

that all the others go to the same school, with the one exception of this

world’s Twilight.) Other characters from Equestria have their counterparts in

this world as well, including Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.

Twilight Sparkle has to

run for Princess of the Fall Formal in order to regain her crown. Her only

opposition is Sunset Shimmer, who acts as the school bully.

The film has several

musical numbers, the first being about learning to adapt to a new world (like

any kid going to a new school). Twilight sings, “Everything’s confusing when it seems so new.” Later the girls

perform a musical number in the school cafeteria as they try to unite everyone

behind Twilight. And the theme of the magic of friendship is addressed. In this

one, Twilight sings, “I’m gonna be myself

no matter what I do/And if we’re different, then I want you to be true to you

A good message.

Later there’s actually a

musical montage of the girls getting the gym ready for the formal dance. And

then there’s a musical montage of the girls getting dressed. Wow, the film uses

not one but both of the major 1980s montage themes.  By the way, the film’s opening credit sequence

features a different version of the television program’s theme song, more of a

techno dance version.

Bonus Features

This DVD has a few

special features, including Through The

, which is a making-of feature. It is divided into three parts. The

first part, titled “The Movie,” is approximately twelve and a half minutes

long, and includes interviews with Mike Vogel, Meghan McCarthy, Tara Strong,

Jayson Thiessen and Stephen Davis. In this part, they talk about the story and

the concept of this film, as well as some similarities to The Wizard Of Oz. Also, they talk about the new character, Sunset

Shimmer. The second part, “The Look,” is about the design of the film, and is

approximately six minutes. There are interviews with Ridd Sorensen (art

director), Mike Vogel, Jayson Thiessen, Tara Strong, Meghan McCarthy and Kora

Kosicka (a character designer). The third part, “The Music,” features an

interview with song writer Daniel Ingram, who talks about giving the songs a

more modern feel than those in the television series. This segment is

approximately four minutes.

The bonus features also

include two karaoke songs: “Cafeteria Song” and “Friends For Life.” The vocals

are taken out, so you can add your own. There is also something called “Ponify

Yourself,” but I actually have no idea what this one-minute snippet is supposed

to be.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls was written by Meghan McCarthy and

directed by Jayson Thiessen. It stars the voices of Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball,

Andrea Libman, Tabitha St.  Germain,

Cathy Weseluck and Rebecca Shoichet.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is scheduled to be released on

August 6, 2013 through Shout! Kids, a division of Shout! Factory.

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