Recent renovations at McPherson Hospital have consolidated parts of the hospital to streamline treatment and increase privacy, particularly for women getting mammograms.
McPherson Hospital had an open house Monday night for members of the community to see completed renovations and a new mammography machine.
Donna Hoeter, director of radiology, said with the old mammography setup and equipment, the technician would have to leave the room to develop film and make sure the pictures turned out well. This meant longer wait times for patients, and opening the door made some patients feel uncomfortable.
The new mammography machine takes digital pictures, which the technician can look at without leaving the room. Hoeter said this setup will reduce the time patients spend at the hospital and increase privacy.
Hoeter also said the new mammogram test room has its own temperature control and a larger dressing area than the previous room.
"We want it to be private and comfortable," Hoeter said.
Cyril Russell, director of marketing at the hospital, said the digital equipment will allow the hospital to better serve its patients.
"The machine we had before was adequate, but not the latest," Russell said. "It gives radiologists better images, and images can be transferred digitally."
Russell said the new machine was paid for by an anonymous donation of $400,000.

Consolidating space
Both the mammography test room and the lab area were renovated to consolidate space. Russell said lab patients used to wait across the hall. With the new layout, the lab waiting area is adjacent to the lab.
"It's a more effective use of the space," Russell said.
He said the lab renovations were paid for through an endowed fund set up by Norma Pierce, a former hospital employee. He said aside from a few pieces of artwork, the current hospital renovations are now complete.
The hospital's chapel, located across from the lab, also was renovated.