Thumbs up
Almost $7,000 raised for Schroeders at demolition derby
We give thumbs up to everyone who pitched in a little bit of money to the fundraiser for the family of Kaiden Schroeder that culminated at the demolition derby at the McPherson County Fair Sunday night.
The fund raiser, a drawing for a chance to drive a car in the derby built by other drivers, was a rousing success. Further, the winner, Jennifer Conner, gave her chance to drive up to Kaiden’s dad, Chris, a long-time derby driver, himself.
It was a fitting ending to a great county fair.

Hospitalist to come to Mac Hospital
Thumbs up to McPherson Hospital for instituting a hospitalist position on their staff.
A hospitalist refers to a physician who specializes in the care of acutely ill patients at hospitals.
In short, family physicians can transfer daily, direct care of their patient to the hospitalist during their hospital stay. That allows for a doctor to be on-staff throughout the day to check on patients.

Runner breaks world record, raises money for cancer
Alison “Ace” Bradley, a former New Zealand mail carrier and current Maine lacrosse coach,  raced across the country in record-breaking time, raising money for cancer research in the process.
Bradley ran 2,800 miles from New York City to Los Angeles in 68 days, one day less than the previous world record for the feat. The $5,400 she raised as of Wednesday will be split between the New Zealand and American cancer societies.

McPherson man rides in relay
Thumbs up to Tracy Presnell, who is participating in Tag the World Baton, a relay of members of an online forum of M109 motorcycle riders.
Presnell drove his M109 to Concordia to continue the relay, which began in British Columbia, Canada. The baton had traveled more than 3,000 miles by the time it reached McPherson.
Once the baton reaches the East Coast, it will then be shipped to Europe, so other members of the forum can participate.

Thumbs down
Fish killed at Memorial Park pond
Thumbs down to the death of a number of fish at the Memorial Park pond this week.
The fish died after the bond was cleaned. Though the fish had been moved to one side during the cleaning, the process, in addition to the chlorine and other chemicals in the city water, led to added stress for the fish, who then died.
About 40 to 50 fish are still left in the pond.

McPherson gas prices higher than area cities
We give thumbs down to the higher gas prices seen in McPherson than in surrounding cities.
As of Thursday, McPherson’s prices ranged between $3.59 and $3.89 per gallon. While the low end is still below the national average of $3.67, area cities still have better gas prices at the pump.
Salina ranges from $3.43 to $3.59. Hutchinson’s gas costs between $3.55 and $3.63. Wichita starts at $3.43 and goes up from there.
We would like to see some parity in prices with our neighboring cities.