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By Corey Landreth
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Aug. 28, 2013 5:16 p.m.

Psalm 89 is written by a guy named Ethan, he is an Ezrahite.
I have a new appreciation for the Psalms after discovering that they are the only real account of man's opinion, or response to God. The Psalms are prayers, mostly, that were offered to God. In the Psalms we get a close up look at how the Jewish people viewed God and how they believed He worked in their lives and their opinion of how He worked in their nation. No longer do I feel bad for getting angry at time when I don't think God is moving fast enough, or when I'm saddened by events in my life or other's lives. I can find a Psalm where someone else was struggling with a similar issue and see that my feelings are natural and I take comfort in the fact that God has heard it before - I'm not the only one.
But I noticed something in this Psalm the other day that has continued to come back to me on a regular schedule.
In this prayer Ethan recounts challenges and turmoil that face the Nation of Israel. It's almost like he's saying something that I've said before, maybe you have too, "God, You said you were going to take care of us and watch over us, You made promises to us - but I'm not seeing Your hand at work anymore." It appeared to Ethan, and the Nation of Israel, that God had abandoned His promises and walked away from His responsibility to the people.
Ethan even quotes God's very words to His people, it's like he thinks maybe God forgot or was trying to get away with something. All God is waiting for is Ethan to catch Him in the act and point out His waywardness and God will turn around.
In the beginning of this Psalm Ethan is praying to God and recounting God's steadfast love and faithfulness, "in the heavens." Next He begins to speak about God - kind of like God's response to Him. And God is speaking about His covenant with His chosen people, specifically David.
Here's what struck me. While Ethan thinks God has concerned Himself more with what is going on, "in the heavens" where He is still full of love and faithfulness. God's reply is about His people and His covenant.
Like me you may have had times where you think God has decided to focus on heaven, you know, a little dusting or rearranging of the heavenly furniture and He's forgotten about you. You may be looking up and saying, "God, I know you're faithful and steadfast because that's who you are but I don't see it down here in my day to day life." But God is always aware of His people, in fact, consider this. Jesus' example prayer goes, "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven..." God's will is carried out in heaven without a thought or a glance. He isn't chasing the angels around making sure everything gets done and Gabriel does the dishes on his night. God's will is just done. God's focus is on you and me. While we shout at the heavens and shake our fist at God, He's constantly watching and arranging the details of our lives to bring us continually closer to Himself.
I saw a tweet the other day that said, God is always doing 10,000 things in your life. You may be aware of 3 of them. God's will is deeper, better, stronger relationship with you and He'll work to bring that about through pain or plenty - whichever is most effective.
While I'm sure I disappoint God constantly I think He's enjoying the view and I know He watches over me.

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