Thumbs up
Aircraft lands safely
We give a thumbs up to the crew of the airplane that made an emergency landing at McPherson airport Monday.
The plane had problems with its landing gear. The crew was able to land the plane without incident.
We also give a thumbs up to the emergency personnel on scene, ready to help if anything went wrong.

Fundraiser held for Evan Berry
We give a thumbs up to the Berry family, Vicky Kloeppner, McPherson High School, and the community for supporting Evan Berry in his time of need.
Berry has a rare blood disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. Kloeppner has helped organize a fundraiser at the high school to help cover his medical expenses.
Individuals and businesses in the community have donated time, services and merchandise to help make the fundraiser a success.

Mac ACT scores improve
We give a thumbs up to McPherson school district for improving its ACT scores.
Thirty-four percent of students in the district met all four benchmarks for college readiness, compared to the 30 percent state average.
We think it's great that the district continues to raise the bar for education.

'When Pigs Fly' draws crowds
We give a thumbs up to those who attended or participated at 'When Pigs Fly' last weekend.
The event featured a barbecue competition, helicopter rides, old cars, airplanes, and performances by the Silver Buckle Drill Team.
We hope a good time was had by all.

Museum to open this weekend
We give a thumbs up to the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation Hospitality Center grand opening this weekend.
The new center will have several rooms available to the public to rent.
The rest of the museum will open Nov. 30 with exhibits featuring fossils, meteorites, murals and the history of local colleges.

Local teacher nominated for state award
We give a thumbs up to Brenda Vogts for being nominated to receive the Kansas Teacher of the Year award.
Vogts was nominated by her colleagues to receive the nomination and will attend a banquet Sept. 7, where a panel will announce who the four finalists are.
We think it's great for local teachers to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to teaching our children.

Thumbs down
Outbreaks caused by lack of immunizations
We give a thumbs down to the disease outbreaks experienced in various parts of the country because people aren't getting immunized.
Concerns have been raised over the years that immunizations cause autism, and some choose not to get them for religious or medical concerns.
However, these immunizations also prevent the spread of diseases.
Twenty-four percent of kindergarteners in McPherson county are missing vaccinations.