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Horticulture: Taming fall fescue
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By K-State Extension
Extension notes is written by K-State Extension of Harvey County extension agents Scott Eckert, Susan Jackson and Ryan Flaming. They focus on horticulture and agriculture.
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By Scott Eckert, K-State Extension
Sept. 4, 2013 8:53 a.m.

If you have a fescue lawn, following these guidelines will make it a better turf!
September: Most important time for fertilizing. Plant new lawns, over seed thin lawns. Spray dandelions if not planting or overseeding. Water only as needed to prevent wilt. Dethatch if needed. This is a good time to aerate soil if need.
October: Spray dandelions, chickweed and henbit in established lawns. Fertilize newly seeded lawns at half rate.
November: Fertilize established lawns a second time. Mow 2 to 2 Ω inches at last mowing. Soak soil before winter. Keep tree leaves raked.
March: Avoid early spring fertilizing. Spray broadleaf weeds if not planting or overseeding. Water only if weather is dry and lawn shows signs of wilt. Aerate clay & compacted soils.
April: First mowing can be 1 Ω inches to remove dead grass. Regular mowing at recommended height. Mow frequently. Keep blades sharp. Apply crabgrass preventers by redbud bloom.
May: Third application of fertilizer; use slow-release nitrogen source. Avoid frequent watering to reduce weed germination and disease.
June: Watch for sod webworms. Check for summer broadleaf weeds, treat if necessary. Raise mower height to upper end of range to promote drought resistance.
July: Apply grub control if needed. Water once or twice a week during hot, dry weather. Kill bermudagrass if it is a problem. Replant to tall fescue in September.
August: Apply grub control if needed. Test soil before fall planting. Prepare soil for fall planting. Water once or twice a week depending on weather.

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