Both chambers of Congress will be back in session on Monday, but with just nine Congressional working days in September and a new issue – potential military action in Syria – added to the already exhaustive list of things to tackle, it’s unlikely a new, long-term farm bill will be approved any time soon. The Senate passed its version of the legislation in June, and the House passed a “farm-only” farm bill in July. House leaders have said they will seek a nutrition bill to marry with the farm-only bill before a conference committee convenes. Word is that the process of taking up a nutrition package, which will reportedly include up to $40 billion in cuts to food stamps, will be discussed mid-next week within the Republican caucus, pushing any action until the week of the 16th, at the earliest. However, President Barack Obama called this week for a Congressional resolution regarding striking Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities, a debate that will occupy most of next week’s Congressional schedule.