The St. John High School Tennis coach, Becca Luckner, thanked me for coming out and watching the girls scrimage last Friday. There wasn't very many adults watching the girls play. I started the evening in the air condition gym watching the girls play volleyball. There was a short delay before they could play. People came in and filled the bleachers. I walked over to the tennis courts and notice very few people watching. Yes it was hot and there are no bleachers so you have to bring your own chair. I wonder if volleyball was played outside in the weather, would people be willing to watch it. At a volleyball match you can scream and yell all you want . When at a tennis match, you have to be more subdued and quietly clap and cheer for the player. What does tennis and chess have in common? In high school, a group of my classmates played chess at lunch. I watched everyday and had no clue what they were doing. Many years later I learned how to play and it is fun Tennis was the same way. I watched people play but until my daughter learned how to play, then I learned the rules. Katie taught me how to play and how to use the add-ins. Tennis is fun When I retire and if I am able to get around, I would like to start a senior tennis leauge. We would need two coaches, one who is an EMT and the other is a psychologist. One to treat the physical injuries and one for our mental illness. Enough about me and my love for tennis. We have a home tennis meet this coming Saturday, the 14th starting at 10 AM. Come out and support our girls who have worked hard in this extreem heat. Bring your lawn chair and water so we can quietly give our girls a big hand.