Pine Village plans to expand its independent living space at the northeast corner of its campus.
The expansion will include 12 lots for single or duplex homes arranged in three cul-de-sacs. Individuals ages 62 and older will be able to build homes for a minimal development fee on these lots using their own layout or one from Pine Village.
All Pine Village layouts come with a basement and a two-car garage and have 1,400 square feet per floor.
Shelby Shaw, director of marketing at Pine Village, said Pine Village will provide appliances, such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens, stoves and dishwashers as well as air conditioning. The Pine Village also will take care of groundskeeping and other maintenance.
“If you want to travel and see your grandkids, you should be able to do that,” Shaw said. “It’s your retirement. You shouldn't have to deal with the humdrum of maintenance.”
Shaw said the facility has considered this expansion for some time. Pine Village planned to do ground work in August, but rain delayed that work until October.
Shaw said once the ground work is complete, Pine Village will begin putting in roads. People will be able to begin building houses at that time as well.
She also said if people in the independent living units need a higher level of care later, they will have priority at Pine Village. When people leave the independent living homes, Pine Village will sell the home and give the previous owner at least 50 percent of the house’s value.
Specifications for the homes will determine cost.
This amount will increase the longer a person lives in the house.
“It makes it easy,” Shaw said. “We handle everything so they don’t have to worry about it.”
Those interested in learning more about this project can contact Shaw at (620) 345-2901 or

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