Central Christian College announced Friday it has purchased The Well coffee shop and bookstore in McPherson.

Central Christian College announced Friday it has purchased The Well coffee shop and bookstore in McPherson.
Central Christian will continue to operate the business as it is being operated now, said Central officials during a press conference Friday at The Well.
The college plans to hire scholarship students to work at the coffee shop so they can gain real-world work experience.
“The Well fits the into the mission of Central Christian College because President Hoxie and the board are committed to providing opportunities for students to engage the culture and change the world,” Clinton Sides, a Central trustee, said. “A few months ago, President Hoxie established the President’s Opportunity Grant Program with the distinct mission to offer worthy students a tuition-free college education.”
The students in this scholarship program commit to develop in four ways — mind, soul, heart and body.
The students also commit to 15 hours per week of meaningful involvement in a local business under the mentorship of a supervisor. The Well will be one of these mentoring businesses.
Jerry Rogers, The Well’s current co-owner, said he decided to sell his interest in the well to dedicate his time to other pursuits.
He said he was confident Central Christian will be able to continue his vision for The Well.
“If you are familiar with The Well, the idea behind it is we build community within our community where people can have a third space,” Rogers said. “A third space is a place where people can come together that is not their home or office. This is a space where they can be at both places at the same time. We have done a very good job of that, and I am very excited about that. I think Central will be able to carry that on.”
McPherson Mayor Tom Brown said he looked forward to a smooth transition to the new ownership.
“As you know, this is a key location on Main Street, and McPherson has prided itself for several decades now for having one of the best small town main streets in Kansas,” he said.
Scott Schafer has purchased the building, and all the current tenants will stay in place.
Central takes over management of the well as of Oct. 1. Rich Martin will be the new manager. Some of the current staff will remain.
Dave Jeffery of Central Christian said the sale of the Well has been in the works for about a month, but the college has had plans for some time to do some kind of business partnership such as the one on which it is now embarking.