We give a thumbs up to McPherson County for having employment an average wage increases during the last year.

Thumbs up
McPherson employment, wages up
We give a thumbs up to McPherson County for having employment an average wage increases during the last year.
McPherson County saw a per capita income increase of 3.2 percent. It was one of three counties in a six-county region that saw increases in per capita income.
Brad Eilts of the McPherson Industrial Development Corporation attributed this to the quality of McPherson businesses.

Pine Village expands ind. living
We give a thumbs up to Pine Village for expanding its independent living opportunities.
The expansion will include 12 new lots for retirees to build homes, and Pine Village will cover maintenance and supply appliances.
This will allow retirees to visit family and otherwise enjoy life.

Mac schools improve lunch nutrition
We give a thumbs up to McPherson School District for meeting new federal guidelines for school lunches.
The new guidelines started taking effect in the 2012-2013 school year and are aimed at improving childhood health and nutrition.
While some students are unhappy with the changes, we think it’s great that McPherson schools have met the new guidelines, and we hope the district will continue to address student complaints while developing a healthier program.

Battle of the Buses raises money for cancer
We give a thumbs up to everyone involved in the Battle of the Buses today.
This event raises money for Lindsborg Hospital’s Pink Fund, which helps the uninsured and underinsured get cancer screening and diagnostic tests.
We thank everyone who made this event possible.

Firefighters pull for members with cancer
We also give a thumbs up to Battle of the Buses teams who dedicate their pulls to people in their lives who have been affected by cancer.
The Lindsborg firefighters pulled for two members of their crew who have battled cancer, one of whom passed away last year. Other teams pulled for a woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
We think its great these people have been supported by their friends in the community.

Thumbs down
Rain delays construction projects
We give a thumbs down to several construction delays caused by rain.
The independent living expansion at Pine Village, the First Street Project and the Grant Complex have all been delayed for problems related to the rain.