Central Christian College announced Monday it has purchased Kids Kampus child care.

Central Christian College announced Monday it has purchased Kids Kampus child care.
The purchase is a part of the college’s new President’s Opportunity Grant program.
Under this program, students will be able to attend college tuition free in exchange for working 15 hours per week in mentored work programs at a local businesses. The students will work as interns and will not be paid.
Central Christian President Hal Hoxie said his goal is to graduate students from the program debt free.
The college announced Friday it had purchased The Well coffee shop and bookstore to be used in this program as well.
Kids Kampus has spots for 92 children ages 6 weeks to fifth grade. Currently the child care is full and has a waiting list, said Wanda Williams, the center’s current owner.
The college plans to move students who are living in dorms east of the Main Street to the main campus and renovate Kline Hall to accommodate the child care.
At that point, the college hopes to expand the child care operation.
Williams said the additional child care positions are much needed in McPherson, and the cooperation between the college and the center should be a positive one.
Williams will continue to manage the child care, and all 14 members of her staff will stay on at the center. The students will become teachers’ aides and must complete background checks, and CPR and first-aid training.
After working in child care for more than 20 years, Williams said she wished to ensure the child care center would carry on far into the future.
Hoxie said this purchase is particularly important as the state is reducing funding for education. Specifically $9.5 million has been cut from early childhood education.
“The simple truth is that Central Christian College understands that its responsibility to this community does not end at the edge of its property line,” Hoxie said. “We embrace the fact that as an educational institution, we have a public obligation to provide for, and enhance services that make McPherson great.
“That is why for 100 years this college has sought opportunities to partner with community organizations that seek to enhance the McPherson community.”
Hoxie said the purchase of Kids Kampus is in line with the college’s mission to provide a Christ-centered education.
“This mission is not restricted to just college students and college life, but defines every aspect of the private and public work we do,” he said. “It may take a little time to reorient my staff to understand the science of diapers, as well as diplomas, but either way we are dedicated to providing learning environments that result in fit hearts, fit minds, fit souls and fit bodies.”