On Sept. 10, Bethany hosted a delegation of administrators and faculty members from Karlstad University in Sweden.

On Sept. 10, Bethany hosted a delegation of administrators and faculty members from Karlstad University in Sweden. Representatives from across campus from both institutions met to learn from one another, discuss ways for programs to interact internationally, and strengthen the partnership and exchange agreement formed in 2011 between Bethany and Karlstad.
Since its formation, there have been exchanges of three professors and one student. Karlstad’s Political Science Professor Thomas A. Wennstam taught “A Swedish Perspective on World Politics” at Bethany in 2011 and Economics Professor Karl-Markus Modén taught “The Swedish Model” of economics, taxation, and social transfer programs in 2012. Bethany’s former Associate Professor of Economics Mark Ahlseen was a visiting lecturer at Karlstad in 2008 to 2009, and alumnus Nickolas Carlson, who graduated in 2013 in organ performance, studied at Karlstad in 2012.
The Karlstad delegates were President Åsa Bergenheim, Deputy Vice President and Library Director Thomas Blom, Vice President Bo Edvardsson, Dean and Arts and Humanities faculty member Patrik Larsson, Dean and member of the Faculty Board for Teacher Education Kenneth Nordgren, University Director Anne-Christine Larsson, Assistant University Director Louise Pålsson, Communication Officer Maria Nilsson, Project Manager for Fundraising Dan Guttke, and Student Government President Johnny Johansson.
They met with various members of the faculty and Bethany leadership.
A valuable resource Karlstad has cultivated is corporate partnerships with IBM, IKEA and Ericsson. These collaborations offer the institution and its students a unique look into their respective industries, innovation and international marketplace.
The delegation began its Bethany tour at the home of Bethany’s own business partnership, MindFire Academy in Wichita, to learn about the joint venture of media arts programs.
In 2012, Bethany and MindFire teamed up to match Bethany’s liberal arts education and accredited programs with MindFire’s technology and industry experience. The partnership, Bethany College @ MindFire Academy, currently offers a bachelor’s in 3D animation and certificates in digital filmmaking, video game design, audio recording arts and 3D computer animation.
Karlstad's representatives then went to the campus to learn more about Bethany Pathway, the new educational initiative that fully-launched this fall and blends curricular and co-curricular activities into one seamless experience during the first two years of college.
“The current trend is to get through as quickly as possible,” Karlstad University President Åsa Bergenheim said. “However, liberal arts education builds a better, well-rounded person. Employers and society want these persons, and we want to give it to them, so we are very interested in Bethany Pathway.”
Offices and departments, including music, education, and alumni and advancement, from both institutions used this visit to discuss their programs and opportunities for collaboration and exchange.
Karlstad’s music program focuses on music education, and they would like to expand their performance degrees. They also have recently formed offices of alumni and fundraising.
After a campus tour with Bethany student ambassadors, the group headed to Nelson 116, the student-led sustainable coffee shop.  Karlstad University Student Government President Johnny Johannson was especially interested in the location since his organization has considered establishing a sustainable student hangout.
A roundtable discussion was conducted, and ideas were shared. Karlstad University Vice President Bo Edvardsson discussed Karlstad’s measurements of the university’s and students’ service work and how they are redefining education on outcomes rather than outputs.
"We are excited to continue to explore and expand the strategic partnership that exists between our two institutions,” Bethany College President Leonard said. “I think as we continue to get to know each other, we will find new ways we can help each other even beyond the faculty and student exchanges."
The day ended with a tour of Lindsborg by Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Holly Lofton and dinner at the Swedish Crown Restaurant.
More information on Karlstad University is available at www.kau.se and more on Bethany’s studying abroad opportunities, including to Karlstad, are at www.bethanylb.edu/academics/studyabroad.