On Wednesday, between 1,300 and 1,400 recycling polycarts will be distributed throughout Lindsborg.

On Wednesday, between 1,300 and 1,400 recycling polycarts will be distributed throughout Lindsborg.
The McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility will begin picking up the recyclables on its Lindsborg routes on Oct. 14, as Lindsborg becomes the second McPherson County community to utilize MASWU single-stream curbside recycling.
MASWU-offered single-stream recycling started last November with a pilot program in Inman. Lindsborg had requested soon after to become the second community to be considered for the service.
Lindsborg City Administrator Greg DuMars said the program would include all customers who have polycart trash service.
“It will be set up so pick ups will be every other week on Mondays,” DuMars said. “Regular trash will be picked up weekly on Mondays.”
All in Lindsborg who have polycart trash service can take part in the program, but those who wish to may opt out.
Either way, the monthly price for all who utilize MASWU’s curbside services will increase from $12.50 to $15.50.
Establishing this service in Lindsborg is the next step in MASWU’s goal to bring single-stream curbside recycling to every community in McPherson County, said MASWU Operations Manager James Cook.
“The whole process of getting Lindsborg on board is just another step in the right direction in the county,” Cook said.
Inman saw a 30 percent residential recycling increase since the pilot program began.
With a recycling rate of 35 percent, McPherson County rates above the state average of 20 percent.
The program slowly has been phased in community by community due to the investment costs.
Recycling is an expensive endeavor, Cook said.
Collected recyclables are purchased by Waste Connection in Hutchinson.
Less material ends up going to the landfill due to the recycling, which results in increasing the lifespan of the landfill, ultimately resulting in saved money.
Cook said this was one of the biggest things to think about.
“We’re not getting paid to dispose of it,” Cook said, “we’re getting paid to collect it.”
Cook said the system will become more cost efficient when other communities come on board.
“To be the most efficient we can be,” Cook said, “we need McPherson on board. They’re the biggest community in the county.”
McPherson Mayor Tom Brown requested McPherson be considered for the service after its establishment in Inman.
McPherson is scheduled to receive its polycarts in the spring.
When asked what the Lindsborg community’s response has been to the news, DuMars said it’s been very positive.
Cook, a Lindsborg resident, said he hadn’t heard any negativity.
“I keep getting asked, ‘When am I getting my cart?’” he said.

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