Thumbs up
McPherson team takes flight in Red Bull Flugtag
We wish the A-Team — AKA Chris Walline, Jacob Zumbrum, Dalton Anderson, Jason Tulle and Duane Young — good luck as they take on the Red Bull Flugtag challenge today in Irving, Texas.
The team will “fly” a vehicle constructed to look like a tank off an elevated surface on top of a barge on Lake Caroline.
Those who would like to follow the team’s progress can do so via their Facebook page at and Chris Walline’s Twitter page at https://twitter.

Central purchases child care, Well
Congratulation goes to Central Christian College as they announced the purchase of The Well coffee shop and bookstore and Kids Kampus child care.
The purchases are part of the college’s new President’s Opportunity Grant program.
The program will provide grants toward tuition-free college educations for students in exchange for 15 hours per week mentored work at local businesses.

Omega Project opens new house
Congratulations goes to the Omega Project in McPherson for the opening of a new house for troubled men. Project participants did most of the remodeling on the house on North Olivette.
Join the program for an open house at from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at 117 N. Olivette.

Moundridge program promotes healthy living
Congratulations to those participating in the WorkWell KS program in Moundridge. The program seeks to engage businesses in programs that will encourage their employees to lead healthier lifestyles.
 Employee benefits of healthier living include increased stamina, lower stress levels, increased well-being, greater self esteem and improved physical fitness.
Employers receive benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced health-care costs, decreased rates of sickness, injuries and absenteeism, better employee relations and morale, more effective employee recruitment, and higher employee retention.

Sue Unruh teaches for 30 years in Galva
We thank Canton-Galva Middle School teacher Sue Unruh for her 30 years of service to the district. Unruh is now teaching a second generation of students, including Megan Maltbie.
Megan is the daughter of Ty Maltbie, who was in Unruh’s first class at Galva.

Crossing guard protects local children
Our thanks go to LaVern Weyland, who has been a crossing guard since 1997 in McPherson.
He treats the children he protects with care and compassion.
Weyland returned to his cross walk even after being hit by a car and suffering a fractured hip.
He is an everyday hero.

Thumbs sideways
 Kansas works to improve teacher background checks
We applaud the Kansas Board of Education for trying to reform its policies so people who committed felonies and other disqualifying crimes can’t receive teachers licenses.
We also applaud the McPherson and Canton-Galva school districts for doing background checks of potential teachers.
We also give a thumbs up to the McPherson County Attorney’s office. McPherson County is one of only 14 counties out of 105 that send reports to the state on felony convictions so they may be reviewed by the state school board before teachers licenses are issued.
We are giving the rest of the counties a thumbs down. We also are sad to report the board had to revoke six teachers’ licenses recently.