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By Steve Moody
Sept. 25, 2013 11:32 a.m.

Self Portrait 2In many ways a person’s life is somewhat like a story book. You have the introduction, followed by the body, followed by the closing.
The chapters within the three sections will likely be different. And that word different is an understatement for describing the past few weeks in my book.
At one point it looked as though I was going to be unemployed for the first time in my life. Then it looked as though things would be worked out. Then maybe they wouldn’t. Then it was back to hopeful again.
The hope only happened because a number of people cared enough to support me. That support was something few people get to experience in their life time.
Just as it seemed like things were settling back to normal, I got a call last week from a representative from the City of Eldorado. They wanted to interview me for their fire chief opening.
As you might recall, I submitted my resignation at two Commissioner’s meetings, despite the incredible support, because my head told me it was the best thing to do. When given the chance – twice – to stay, my heart convinced my head to rescind my resignation.
I might add that the thought of being unemployed might have also helped the heart override the head. And, you can probably guess where this is going.
I was offered and accepted the position of Eldorado Fire Chief. My last day as Stafford County Emergency Service Director will be October 11th.
I have offered to assist Stafford County not just up to this date – I have offered to assist Stafford County “long distance”, in whatever way I can, for the rest of my life.
The Stafford County chapters in my life book will be some of my “Most Treasured.”
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your book.
God Speed, I love you all.
Stafford County – Simply the Best!

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