A look at the Celtic music acts you can look forward to hearing at this year's Scottish Festival.

“A group of friends that sing in the languages of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. We have a special feeling for those beautifully worded songs and poems whose tunes have been lost—there are so many. We also enjoy songs which have been carried on in traditional form to the present day. Sometimes we sing them solo, in the manner most often used today by traditional singers who have inherited them; sometimes we sing them in unison, following the traditional rhythm; most of the time we can’t help but add harmonies—that is part of our own tradition, “ Navan said on its website.

Clandestine is hard-driving, toe-tapping Texas Celtic sound. Formed in 1991, the band is known for its brand of blasting tune sets and fresh songs. Piper EJ Jones and fiddler Gregory McQueen lead the tunes. Al Cofrin brings cittern and occasionally another set of bagpipes to the mix. Percussionist and singer Emily Dugas captivates with her original song collaborations with Al, as well as her interpretations of songs in the Celtic genre. EJ and Al also join Emily on vocals, with many songs now set in three-part harmony.

Cady Finlayson and Vita Tanga
Called “one of America’s top Celtic fiddlers” by New Age Voice magazine and “bursting with pure and natural talent” by HotIndieNews.com, Cady Finlayson offers a spirited fiddle show with a global twist.