The A-Team might not have won, but they had the time of their lives.

The A-Team might not have won, but they had the time of their lives.
At Saturday’s Dallas/Fort Worth Red Bull Flugtag competition, McPherson’s own A-Team, comprised of Chris Walline, Jacob Zumbrun, Dalton Anderson, Jason Tulle and Duane Young, propelled their tank glider off a 30-foot elevated platform in hopes of glory.
“It was awesome,” Zumbrun said. “The day before the meeting, the crowd and the whole excitement of the place were all leading up to that one moment.”
Piloted by Dalton Anderson and pushed at a dead run by the rest of the team, The A-Team’s tank glider took off from an elevated platform situated on a barge on Lake Caroline.
The glide started out smoothly, but a moment later the nose of the craft pitched upward.
Anderson fell out as his craft continued in its forward momentum, splashing tail-first into the water a few feet in front of its former pilot.
“The glider went 20 feet,” Zumbrun said, “but the judges record the distance of the pilot only, and he’d bailed backward.”
But all was not a loss for The A-Team. Zumbrun said although they didn’t place, they came in solidly in the middle of the pack.
“We weren’t in the top three, but we weren’t in the bottom,” Zumbrun said. “There were a number of teams that actually had negative distance.”
The A-Team also managed to earn a creativity score of 8.5.
Zumbrun said the whole experience was a thrill.
“The turnout was 92,000 people,” Zumbrun said. “You’re there getting interviewed or the camera’s on you, and you see yourself on the Jumbotron. It was awesome.”
Zumbrun said he and his teammates will be looking to get involved in more Red Bull events in the future.
“We’re definitely considering doing it again,” Zumbrun said, “It’s a blast. We’ll also be looking into entering more Red Bull soapbox racing competitions, too.”
Those who’d like to see video of The A-Team’s run can do so through a link on The McPherson Sentinel’s Facebook and Twitter (@macsentinel) feeds, or can watch it directly on The A-Team’s team page at

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