TOPEKA, KS, September 30, 2013 -- Kansas wheat stocks in all positions totaled 349 million bushels on Sept. 1, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

This was 10 percent lower than last September. Wheat stored in off-farm facilities totaled 318 million bushels, down 12 percent from 2012. On-farm stocks totaled 31 million bushels, up 15 percent from last September.

Corn stocks in all positions totaled 26.7 million bushels, down 44 percent from last year. Off-farm stocks, at 20.4 million bushels, were down 48 percent from a year earlier. On-farm stocks, at 6.3 million bushels, were down 24 percent from the September 2012 and the smallest on-farm stocks for September since 1996.

Grain sorghum in all positions totaled 10.8 million bushels, down 33 percent from a year ago. Off-farm stocks totaled 10.6 million, down 32 percent from a last year. On-farm stocks totaled 240,000 bushels.

Soybeans in all positions totaled 4.02 million bushels, down 21 percent from September 2012. Off-farm stocks, at 2.8 million bushels, were down 33 percent from last year. On-farm stocks, at 1.2 million bushels, were up 33 percent from last September.

Oat stocks in off-farm facilities totaled 277,000 bushels, up 7 percent from a year ago.