A look at the things we've liked - and disliked - this week in McPherson County and beyond.

Thumbs up
- Festivals celebrate culture and heritage
We give a thumbs up to participants in last week’s Scottish Festival and this week’s Svensk Hyllningsfest.
These events are wonderful opportunities to reconnect to the heritage of those who settled this area and remember our cultural roots.
We hope everyone was able to enjoy these events.

- Go McPherson makes videos
We give a thumbs up to Go McPherson for making promotional videos for McPherson County.
We hope these videos encourage more people to come see what McPherson has to offer.

- Pink Line Walk raises cancer awareness
We give a thumbs up to everyone who participated in Thursday’s Pink Line Walk.
This event helps raise community awareness of cancer and was put on by Women and Children Combating Cancer.
We hope everyone had a good time.

- Irene Nielsen gives Depression era women a voice
We give a thumbs up to Irene Nielsen, a doctoral student at the University of the Rockies in Colorado Springs, Colo., who is studying how adversities women who grew up during the Great Depression experienced affect the women’s current well-being and resiliency.
We hope Nielsen’s study is successful and that local women are able to share their stories.

Thumbs sideways
-Tractor pull draws smaller crowd
We give a thumbs up to dedicated tractor enthusiasts who came to the Sixth Annual Great Plains Antique Tractor Show in Inman last weekend, despite incliment weather conditions.
It is unfortunate that the weather kept some people from being able to attend. We hope more people can go next year.

Thumbs down
- Government shuts down
We give a thumbs down to Congress for shutting down the government Tuesday.
About 800,000 people are unable to work until Congress works out a funding agreement.
National parks and monuments are closed down, and other government offices are unable to perform all their regular duties.
We hope our elected officials in Washington can find an agreement soon.