Britny Arnett is the Artist of the Month at the McPherson Museum.

Britny Arnett is the Artist of the Month at the McPherson Museum.
Name: Britny Arnett
Age: 23
Medium: Lithographs and printmaking using stone, etchings, and woodcuts.
Hometown: Britny says she’s a “military brat,” and doesn’t claim one.

What influences lie behind and motivate your work?
I have an aunt in Bethesda, Maryland who is a professional artist. She’s been a big inspiration to me throughout my life. She has 60 years under her belt, and she’s amazing. Outside of her I’m inspired by art from history, especially architecture. I went to France when I was 16 and got to visit the Louvre. I got to see Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches and work, and I find him inspiring. Claude Monet is phenomenal as well. Close up his work looks messy, but far away it looks like a perfect painting.

What is your background in art?
Last May I graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in graphic design and printmaking. I won a scholarship for an etching that helped me through K-State. While there I was in a club called the Pussycat Press, and I sold and raffled etchings through them. I’ve entered a lot of shows, and I’ve taken part in print exchanges through the Southern Graphics Council.

Of the pieces you’ve created, which is your favorite, and why?
There’s a piece I call “Steeple Chase.” It’s a full color piece that I did by myself at K-State. My professor didn’t know much about stone lithography so I was on my own. I had to grind the stone by hand. I spent 16 hours on a weekend grinding it flat. If you get oil from your hands on the stone or do something wrong, you can’t erase it. In that medium, perfection is impossible. My professor was impressed and I got to teach others. I have a color print of it. A buyer is going to pay $500 for it.