A look at a weekend event worth getting involved in.

three event highlights
1.The Meadowlark Trail walk will give attendees an opportunity to fulfill their Commit 2 Get Fit points challenge in a trail environment. Participants are encouraged to walk for 30 minutes, or the equivalent of two blocks, which will earn them 200 points. Every extra 15 minutes they walk will earn them 10 bonus points.
2. The walk also supplies the opportunity for participants from the area to come together and support each other as they work to fulfill their Commit 2 Get Fit goals. They can take motivation from each other as they walk the trail.
3. The teams competing in the Commit 2 Get Fit Challenge will be able to mark their progress against each other on the trail, inspiring participants to push themselves further to get beyond the other, competing teams.

Why you should attend
“It’s  been fun to see who all have come out. Some men and women have brought children in strollers and dogs. They’ve thanked us for having something like this to get us outside. One man told me he had no chance of winning, but that he loved doing these  things for the fun. You can walk at  your own pace and socialize with friends and new people.”
— Susan Balding, Commit 2 Get Fit facilitator

About the event
When: at 4 p.m. Saturday at Meadowlark Trail
Where: The trail out of McPherson begins at the intersection of Moccasin and Old Highway 81
COST: Free to participants in the Commit 2 Get Fit Challenge