Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says Congress needs to take action on a new USDA budget, a new Farm Bill and comprehensive immigration reform. 

"We obviously have to have a budget, we have to have a budget that adequately finances the important work that’s being done here at USDA, and that needs to be recognized and underscored because again USDA has stepped forward," Vilsack said. "The folks at USDA have identified savings, they’ve been very committed to the Blueprint for Stronger Service, the administrative service project, and they’ve really identified hundreds of millions of dollars of savings. They’ve done their job and it’s a little bit of concern to them when they realize how much more important work they could do if they had their resources.

"So, the budget becomes important. They have to have the policies and the programs of the Farm Bill so that they can continue to provide credit, so that they can continue to expand economic opportunity, they can do a better job of conserving our natural resources, expanding market opportunities both here and abroad. All that important work tied to jobs, tied to incomes, tied to rural life and quality of life. So it’s important to have a Farm Bill."