Grace Lutheran Women’s Missionary League met in the parish hall at 7 p.m. Oct. 15. Hostess for the evening was Sandy B.

Grace Lutheran Women’s Missionary League met in the parish hall at 7 p.m. Oct. 15. Hostess for the evening was Sandy B.
Meeting was called to order by Sue Tangawarow. Opening devotions were led by Sue.
Roll call was answered by five members, pastor and one guest (Sheila McLean).
Pastor Dumperth led the Bible study from the October Lutheran Witness titled “Words of Forgiveness and Love.”
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
Lu read a thank you note from Ruth and Doug Dick Sr., and correspondence was passed for members to read. Lu read an invite from St. John’s Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, Moundridge to the Zone Fall Meeting Oct. 19 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 411 Christian Ave., Moundridge.
No treasurer’s report, as Peggy was absent.
Committee reports:                                                                                  
- Altar — No report.     
- Banner — No report.
- Member development — No report.                                                                                                            
- Mission service — Lu reported that Judy D. will continue taking treats to the cancer patients at McPherson Hospital.
- Social service — Sue reported they served 75 people with help from the youth group at the Dick wedding. Sandy announced the 2013 Christian Life Retreat will be Friday and Nov. 2 at Hilton Double Tree, 2098 Airport Road, Wichita.
- Unfinished business—Sue reported a kitchen policy has been passed by the board of stewards. Sandy made a motion to accept new kitchen policy, Lizetta seconded. The motion passed.
- New business — Congregational Thanksgiving meal will be Nov. 10. Signup sheet posted in Narthex.
Sue thanked pastor for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Sunday. Mites collected on this Sunday will be put toward the unpaid missions from last year.  
Sue handed out new league booklets for 2013-2014.
Sue presented the budget. Lizetta moved and Sandy seconded to accept the budget as presented. The motion passed.
The league had a brief executive board meeting.  Lu made a motion to give the youth group $50 for helping serve the wedding, Sandy seconded, and the motion passed.
Next meeting will be Nov. 19 with Elsie as hostess.
Adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer.