The Sentinel answers a question we get from those in the community.

We’ve had door-to-door salespeople coming by our home lately. Is there any way to know if these people are legitimate and aren’t trying to scam us?

McPherson Deputy City Clerk Sherry Conyers said people should always ask the door-to-door salesperson to see their city-issued peddler’s
Sales license.
“Door-to-door salespeople are required to fill out an application that costs $25,” Conyers said. “The application is available at the City Municipal Building at 400 E. Kansas Ave. It asks for a number of things, including whether they’ve been convicted of a crime, for references, for their Kansas sales tax number, what kind of products they’re selling and what company they’re representing, along with general information. After they’ve filled that out, they take it to the McPherson Police Department.”
The police then fingerprint the applicant, take his or her picture, and run a Kansas Bureau of Investigation background check.
If the applicant is found acceptable, he or she is issued a peddler’s license from the city, and must pay a weekly fee of $10 for as long as they’re selling within the city.
McPherson Police Investigation Captain Kevin McKean said there were two major factors as to why the police collect so much information on the applicants.
“We won’t turn people away who have been convicted of crimes in general,” McKean said, “but we want to make sure they haven’t been convicted of violent crimes on people, such as aggravated battery or sexual assault. The second reason is so we have all their information already on file in case something might happen.”
Those from the McPherson community who choose to sell vegetables or fruit or operate “Farmer’s Market” type businesses are exempt from the necessity of obtaining a license.