Tuesday evening, McPherson resident Brenna Lane found herself confronted with a nightmare.

Tuesday evening, McPherson resident Brenna Lane found herself confronted with a nightmare.
An employee of The Bookshelf/The Hidden Closet, Lane finished her shift and left the store only to find her car and her purse had both been stolen.
“I was in shock,” Lane said. “I didn’t know what to do.”
Fortunately for Lane, her car was recovered late Thursday night when York, Neb., police officers found it and arrested the suspect after an attempt to evade capture on foot.
The Bookshelf/The Hidden Closet owner and manager Linda Rounds said the suspect, who had spent some time in the store, had seemed questionable to her.
“He was in our store and was acting very suspiciously,” Rounds said. “He was just hanging around, and at one point he even ordered a book. I left for lunch at 1:15 and told my employees to keep an eye on him.”
Lane said she and her fellow employee did their best to keep track of the man.
“Linda had already picked him out as suspicious,” Lane said, “and we were watching him. He was here in the store for two and a half hours or so, but the store was very busy, and we had quite a few people here.”
Lane said that, when preparing to leave at 6 p.m., she couldn’t find her purse.
“I thought my purse might be locked in my car,” Lane said, “so I went out to check, and my car was gone.”
Lane’s car keys had been in her purse, which meant that, when her purse was taken, the suspect had access to her vehicle.
Rounds said when she and Lane had determined the disappearances hadn’t been a prank, they called McPherson Police.
“We gave the police a description,” Rounds said, “and supplied them with our security tapes.”
McPherson Police also registered the car with the national stolen vehicle database and put out an attempt to locate notice.
On Wednesday, Lane’s situation took an upturn when McPherson Library staff found her driver’s license and credit cards in a nearby dumpster. The library staff notified the police, who returned the items to Lane.
Near midnight on Thursday, York Police responded to the parking lot of an area Wal-Mart store for a report of a suspicious person. The individual had been sleeping in a vehicle and, when approached by officers, first gave false information as to his identity and then attempted to flee on foot.
Upon running the tag, police found it was Lane’s car, and the subject who’d been sleeping inside matched the description of the suspect in its theft.
Police also found a Bible in the car which, when examined, had an I.D. for the suspect containing his correct identification information.
Officers found the suspect in the same general area and arrested him at 3:18 a.m. In a police interview, he admitted to having stolen the car and lying about his identity.
Lane said she was notified of the recovery of her car the next day by McPherson Police, who referred her to York Police for details.
Lane said Rounds had been a source of support throughout the week.
“Linda’s been extremely helpful,” Lane said. “She brought me home the night it was stolen, found me a loaner car I could use until mine was found, and paid for my gas.”
Rounds said she was very happy with the McPherson Police Department throughout the entire process.
“They were very cooperative, very good and very thorough,” Rounds said.
The suspect, an 18-year-old resident of McPherson, is being held in a Nebraska jail on charges of possession of stolen property and interference with law enforcement officers. According to McPherson Police, an arrest warrant for the suspect is pending for the theft of Lane’s vehicle. The suspect’s identity will not be released until the arrest.
Lane said she’ll be traveling to Nebraska on Saturday to retrieve her car.
“They say that the passenger window was broken, and that’s the only thing wrong with it,” Lane said. “I’m relieved, but I’ll feel much better when I actually see my car.”