Thumbs up

McPherson vets honored
We give a thumbs up to everyone who supported our veterans on Monday.
Many people came to the parade Monday morning and listened to Bill Talley talk about his experiences as a prisoner of war. Others may have done other things to show their appreciation to veterans.
We're proud of our community for respecting those who fought to defend our freedoms.

Middle school stands to win $25,000
We give a thumbs up to everyone who has supported McPherson Middle School in U.S. Cellular's "Calling All Communities" campaign.
The middle school was in fifth place as of Friday afternoon. The top 20-voted schools will each win $25,000. This money will be used to increase technology opportunities for middle school students.
If you haven't voted, you can still do so through Nov. 25.

Local groups gather food for needy
We give a thumbs up to members of the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club and McPherson Boy Scouts for helping collect food donations for needy people in the community.
We also give a thumbs up to everyone who has donated food, money, time or other resources to this endeavor.
On average, between 250 and 300 baskets of food are given to families in need. Extra food is given to the McPherson Food Bank.
We hope everyone can have what they need this holiday season.

Philanthropists of the year named
We give a thumbs up to Bill Parker (Habitat for Humanity), Neisha Dahlstrom (Circles of McPherson County), and Ruby Jantzen and Delonna Barnett (Angel's Attic) for receiving Philanthropists of the Year recognition, as well as grants for their various organizations.
These people have dedicated a lot of time and effort to making sure people in our community have the resources they need to better their lives.
We appreciate everyone who has given of their time or resources to help others and hope philanthropy will continue to play its role in McPherson.

Thumbs sideways
Stolen car found
On Tuesday, a purse and car were stolen from Brenna Lane, an employee at The Bookshelf/The Hidden Closet.
Fortunately, the vehicle and a suspect have been located. In addition, Linda Rounds, Lane's employer, provided Lane with a car and paid for her gas money while her vehicle was missing.
It's unfortunate that Lane's car was stolen, but we're glad there were good people to help her out and that her vehicle has been located.