The McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation had the grand opening of its new exhibits Saturday.

The McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation had the grand opening of its new exhibits Saturday.
While not all of the exhibits were completed, visitors said there were many things they enjoyed.
“It's a very impressive space,” said Bob Regier, who visited the museum on Saturday. “I think it's going to be a wonderful facility.”
Exhibits include fossils of a giant sloth, dire wolf and sabre-tooth tiger; antique cars; and an art gallery. Exhibits still under construction include the model train display, the meteorite exhibit and the Family Adventure Center.
Because some exhibits are still under constructions, museum tickets purchased on opening day and during December can be redeemed for an additional museum visit at no extra charge.
Carla Barber, museum director, said crews worked all night before opening day to get as much ready as possible. She said she expects the meteorite exhibit to be popular, and she also expects the reading room to gain popularity as more materials become available.
“I'm pleased with the amount of work that's been done so far, and I'm looking forward to when more things have been completed,” Barber said.
On opening day, the fossil exhibit was one of the most popular. Maya Charlesworth, age 9, said she liked the giant sloth fossil in particular.
“I just like it,” Maya said. “It's so big and cool.”
Beverly Scharf, who used to work with fossils, said she liked the fossil display as well as the antique car exhibit.
Both Scharf and Crystal Gaeddert liked the artwork. Gaeddert said she especially liked the larger-than-life Birger Sandzén-inspired painting.
“I've always just seen them small,” Gaeddert said. “It's cool seeing it larger than life.
Scharf said she's excited to see what else the museum has to offer.
“I think the facility is beautiful,” Scharf said. “I can hardly wait until it's completed.”

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