Assistant Fire Chief Rick Unruh presented holiday fire safety tips to the McPherson City Commission on Monday.

Assistant Fire Chief Rick Unruh presented holiday fire safety tips to the McPherson City Commission on Monday.
Unruh said that trunk bottoms of natural Christmas trees should be cut at least half an inch from the original cut and secured in a support device that would not allow the tree to fall over.
The support device should also contain a minimum two-day water supply that covers at least two inches of the tree stem. The level should be checked daily and filled as needed.
If needles fall off easily when a branch is shaken, or if the needles are brittle and break when bent, the tree needs to be discarded. The fire department recommended checking the tree daily for dryness.
Exit paths through the home should be free of decorations and, when placing candles in homes, it is always suggested to not place the open flame near a natural tree. The tree should not be located near heating vents or other heat-generating devices.
Artificial decorations should be flame resistant or retardant, and the use of electrical wiring and lighting on decorations is not advised. Also, the use of electrical lighting and decorations on metal trees is unsafe.
Trees can be discarded south of the water park, 511 North Lakeside Drive, at the west end of the parking lot. Trees and wreaths will be taken until the middle of January, after which they will be ground into mulch, which will be available to the public. Materials intended for such disposal should be cleaned of all metal and decorations.

Oxford Point Drainage Project
Mayor Tom Brown announced that the Oxford Point Drainage Project will be put on hold to allow the city an opportunity to research alternative options of carrying out the project. The concerns of homeowners along the intended path was a major reason for this decision.

November Building Report
City Inspector Bret Reynolds presented the monthly building report. Seventy-six building permits were issued in the month of November, up 30 from November 2012. Of these, 72 were maintenance permits. The four new permits were issued for an NCRA effluent water tank, a mini-storage building, a carport and a new single family dwelling.

Other business

In other business, the city commission:
• Approved paying McPherson Concrete Products $1,201.50 for rebar.
• Approved paying Fort Bend Service, Inc. $10,212 for three 2,300 pound totes of cationic polymer for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
• Approved paying CJ Spreaders for spreading Waste Water Treatment Plant bio-solids at a cost not to exceed $12,000.
• Approved paying Bobcat of Salina, Inc. up to $1,170 for tree shear rental to assist in the tree removal along the CertainTeed Ditch and Turkey Creek Golf Course. One third of the cost will be charged to Turkey Creek Golf Course.
• Approved using Federal Exchange money for the milling and overlay of North Main Street. The funds would equal $112,964.86. The actual project cost is $183,674.02, resulting in $70,709.16 net cost to the city to finish the project.  
• Approved authorizing the City Administrator to increase the Right of Way budget for the First Street Project from $100,000 to $125,000, with the City Administrator having the discretion to disburse the funds as needed.