On Saturday, four McPherson homes will be opened to the public on the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation’s Christmas Tour of Homes.

On Saturday, four McPherson homes will be opened to the public on the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation’s Christmas Tour of Homes.
Tours will begin at the museum at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tourists will ride the McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau trolley to each home and spend about 15 minutes looking at each home’s decorations and other features.
The tour includes the homes of Mike and Diana Rausch, 949 Veranda Circle; Lance and Amanda Thompson, 512 Randolph Road; Scott and Robin Werth, 605 Wickersham Drive; and Annette Karr, 410 E. Sutherland.
Each home will be decorated for the holidays, and each follows a different theme.

Family first
The Rausch’s home is steeped in family tradition. A Swedish Christmas tree adorns the dining room table. This tree has been in Mike Rausch’s family for two generations.
Also on display is Diane Rausch’s collection of snowmen and Santas.
“I’ve just been collecting them for years,” Diane Rausch said. “If I see one I like, I get it.”
Their tree also features ornaments that have been hand-made by family members during the years. Diane Rausch said she often gives ornaments to family members as gifts.
“That way they have something when they get out on their own,” she said.

Peace on Earth
At Annette Karr’s “little cottage,” peace and heritage find a home. Karr has decorated her home to celebrate her Italian Catholic heritage, and many religious images can be seen throughout the home.
Also scattered around her home are various decorations and items bearing the word “peace.” Karr has worked with peace organizations and movements for years and has even lobbied in Washington, D.C.
“It’s a season of peace,” Karr said. “It’s something I’ve worked in my whole life.”
Karr said she plans to challenge visitors to find as many items as possible bearing the word “peace” in her home. She received all but one of these items as gifts. The one who gets closest to the actual number will win two dozen pizzelle cookies, which are traditional Italian waffle cookies.

A tree for everyone
Robin Werth’s home boasts six trees, and each one has a unique motif.
One is a formal tree, which sits in the entryway and is decorated with ribbons and ornaments. A second tree in the downstairs family room is decorated in red. A third, the only real tree, is covered in ornaments family members have received as gifts or bought on vacations.
There also are trees in each of the three bedrooms, each matching its occupants tastes. One is decorated in gold, another with baseballs and red and black ornaments, and the third with golf balls and University of Kansas red and blue.
Werth’s house also has a variety of Santas and nativity scenes.

The great outdoors
Amanda Thompson’s decorations blend Christmas with her husband’s hobbies — hunting and fishing.
Deer heads decorate the walls, and Thompson decided to use that theme to her advantage. Her tree has holly berries on it, and her decorations include Santa Claus in a boat.
“You almost feel like you’re in a cabin when you go in. It’s that kind of feel,” Thompson said. “It all kind of feels like the great outdoors.”

Tickets cost $15, with funds going to the museum. They may be purchased in advance at The Bookshelf/The Hidden Closet, at the museum, or by calling the museum at 620-241-8464.
Tickets also may be purchased at any of the four homes the day of the event. Credit cards will not be accepted at the homes.
Refreshments will be served at the museum from 4 to 5 p.m., with a Christmas quilt drawing at 4:45 p.m. Tickets for the drawing will be available until the drawing takes place.
The event, sponsored by Home State Bank and Trust, is an annual fundraiser for the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation.

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